Talking Trek To You

A podcast where an expert and a noobie boldly go through the original Star Trek series one episode at a time.

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10 hours ago

We take a temporary leave of absense from the classic series this week and dive into the first season of the era-adjescant Strange New Worlds. And to help Kev and JG tackle a whole season of TV we have this week's guest, Ellie Warren! The format of this episode is slightly different, with each host taking one character each to discuss in-depth, and then each picking a favourite episode from the season. Which characters will get chosen? Which episode show off the very best of Strange New Worlds? And how has the show panned out overall, given this isn't exactly the first time Star Trek has returned to the era of TOS?   eMail: Twitter: @talktrektoyou JG's Writing: Judgementally Reviews...  

Friday Aug 05, 2022

It's time to tackle an annoying horny teenager (well, "teenager") with super-powers on Talking Trek To You this week, as Charlie X comes aboard. How successful is this as a portrayal of adolescance? Do the regular crew work with a whole "teenage god" premise? And what are we to make of a shirtless William Shatner in red tights? Plus in Recommendations we have a manga, an Apple TV show and a sitcom. Tackling all these things (and more!) alongside Kev and JG is our guest of the week, Alex Kazanas.   eMail: Twitter: @talktrektoyou JG's Writing: Judgementally Reviews...

Friday Jul 22, 2022

Having been Where No Man Has Gone Before, it's time for JG and Kev to forge forward and see if they can avoid falling into The Man Trap. How does the episode fare as a first introduction to McCoy? Does the whole "salt vampire" thing work? And how are the supporting cast? But they are not facing the plight of the last creature of its kind alone - they are joined by guest-star Dave! Plus there's Recommendations, this week featuring a movie, a TV show and an anthology collection.   eMail: Twitter: @talktrektoyou JG's Writing: Judgementally Reviews...

Friday Jul 08, 2022

Greetings! And welcome to a brand new podcast on the original series of Star Trek, where an expert (allegedly) and a newbie (definitely) boldly work their way through the original show episode-by-episode. Normally JG and Kev have a guest every week to help them unravel the episode but this week they're tackling the pilot (second attempt) episode on their own. So we kick the podcast off with "Where No Man Has Gone Before".  Does it provide a solid start to the series? How do our regulars (well, the ones actually in this episode anyway) fare? And does the story stand up? Plus we have a Recommendations section, where Kev and JG share something they've enjoyed - this week it's a musician and a movie. But which ones?   eMail: Twitter: @talktrektoyou JG's Writing: Judgementally Reviews...


Talking Trek To You 

JG and Kev have been podcasting together for years. But having previously discussed audio adventures, this time they're turning their attention to the visual medium and going through the classic, original Star Trek series. JG has been watching the show his whole life. Kev is coming to it completely fresh. Together - along with a wonderful assortment of guest stars - they'll explore the original series and everything it does! A noob and an expert - what could go wrong?

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